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Spring 2

My World and Me

Natural Disasters

In this topic the children will be looking at the world beneath their feet. The children will be using different texts to find out about the world they live in.

They’ll be exploring how rocks are formed, and we’ll be classifying and sorting rocks in Science.  As part of Geography the children will be locating volcanoes and finding out about the effects of volcanoes on people and the environment.

Through the captivating picture book ‘Escape the Pompeii’ the children will follow the footsteps of Tranio as they come to terms with the destruction of a volcanic eruption.

In Science the children will be experimenting with different materials in order to create the biggest volcanic explosion.

Big Questions and Concepts:

Where are some of the world's most active volcanoes?

  • Fear
  • Change
  • Destruction
  • Cause and Effect