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Relax with Rhubarb


Rhubarb is a Mini Lop-eared Rabbit, he is White and Grey with big blue eyes. Rhubarb lives with Kate and every day he comes into school to help the children to learn how to be mindful. Rhubarb is very friendly and curious and he loves cuddles, exploring and meeting new people.


Having a school pet has many benefits, having animals around education has proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improve social interaction, and increase motivation and learning.


Rhubarb will be in every classroom helping Kate to teach the children mindfulness each week. The children will learn a new mindful technique which they can practice at home. Hopefully we will find a mindfulness activity that suits everyone that they can use regularly. Children will get the chance to play with Rhubarb while we practice the mindfulness exercise, this helps bring a calm environment for him where he is happier to play.


Mindfulness is a very important skill we would like to help children learn, it has so many benefits, but is also very easy to learn, the hard part is making it an every day practice. Mindfulness has been proven to…


Strengthen self-control

Lower anxiety and stress

Improves positive moods

Helps better decision making

Improves emotional regulation skills

Increases self esteem

Improves health and body image

Improves social skills and communication

Hopefully mindfulness will not only help our children in school, but they will be able to come home and teach their grown ups to use it, you could even do it together.


“Rhubard is so cute & fluffy I love him and can't wait to see him in class. My bunny Pearl is so colourful, she is really light brown with grey patches and a little bit of white. She is fluffy just like Rhubard x”