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A message from Mrs Moore


At Regent Farm First School the well-being, safety and mental health of our pupils, and their families, is our top priority.


The most important things that you can give your children at this time of uncertainty are stability, reassurance and love. We know that some of you are working from home while looking after children, or may become unwell - it is not realistic that you can provide constant learning support for young children while you are in this situation.


We do not want anyone to put additional pressure on themselves to devise and teach their own curriculum at home. Please feel free to complete as many of the suggested learning activities on our website as you would like and don't forget the teachers are making daily suggestions for activities on Twitter @RegentFarm. 


This area of the website has some tips for helping you and your children relax at this difficult time. We have also included some documents to help explain the Coronavirus to young people. 

A message from Reverend Catherine:


I’m doing some more videos for children to access during this time about Prayer Spaces at home. I’ve been in touch with the National Prayer Spaces in Schools initiative and they are happy for me to use their resources and share these.


These are not explicitly Christian but can be used by people of varying faiths or those who aren’t sure what they believe. I hope they might help with some of the mental health struggles at present.


Prayer Spaces at home website


Prayer spaces at home


Bubble Worries


Fizzy Forgiveness




Thankful playdough


Thoughtful/Prayer Cup



Well-being resources