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Vision and Values

At Regent Farm First School, we believe that learning is a lifelong journey filled with curiosity, adventure, and creativity. We want children to have a genuine passion for learning and develop a resilience to overcome challenge. As a whole school community, we aim for our children to be ambassadors for fairness and respect: to change the world with the knowledge, skills and confidence they have learnt here. Above all it is our vision that children are happy, confident individuals who can communicate effectively and thrive in anything they put their mind to – now and in the future.

This vision is reflected in our core values: respect, curiosity, teamwork and determination.

Respectful Ray

All our aliens look different to show they are an individual. Ray likes to ask questions and learn about other people’s backgrounds, traditional and cultures. She respects differences in everyone because we think that is so important in life. 

Her umbrella shows the qualities we think our really important when you are showing respect. You need to be have manners, be kind and show empathy.  

The big ears show how we should always listen. Being respectful is about listening to others and understanding their views and beliefs.

She has a big heart to show that she is kind hearted and thinks about other people’s feelings. It also reminds us that when you are kind and respectful to others it gives them a good feeling inside their own heart.

She is waving and has a big smile because Ray is aware that body language is so important when showing you respect others. 


Teamwork Tag

The world is there to remind us all that we have to work with teams at all levels. Our peers, families, the local community and the whole world. If we work together we can learn so much from each other. 

Tag has a big eye because he knows it’s important to be aware of everything that’s happening in his team; this helps him learn from others.

He carries a bottle of Team Spirit to remind him that his team is at the centre of all his decisions. 


Determined Dee 

Dee is dressed as an explorer to show that life is a bit like an adventure and we need to be determined to face each new day. It also reminds us that we can feel like we are climbing a mountain when we are faced with a challenge. 

The multi-coloured boots on each of her feet remind us of the steps we might need to take to reach our goals. 

She carries a cane to show that sometimes we all need specific equipment to help us achieve our goals.

Her head is shaped like an arrow to show she is determined to follow the right direction.  

The alien is smiling to show an important part of determination is to keep on smiling when things are getting difficult.

Curious Cog

Cog likes to ask questions. He has a nose to sniff out ideas and a magnifying glass to hunt out clues.

He has lots of eyes because he likes to look at things from different angles.

He wears a tool belt carrying all the equipment he might need; he is prepared for anything!

He has two wings because he is ready to take off in search of answers at any time.