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Summer 2

Healthy Inside and Out

What does it take to win?

This half-term the children are going to travel back in time to Ancient Greece with 'That History Bloke' (a professional historian).

The children will be using artefacts to find out what life was like 2,500 years ago. We will be asking questions and using evidence to find out about this period of time.  We will be looking at the History of the Olympics, and we’ll be writing structured accounts of the events and changes that have taken place. 

In English we will be reading Greek Myths and Legends including Pandora’s Box and Medusa where the children will be introduced to the concept of Greek mythology.

We will be hosting our own Olympic Games in P.E and looking at ways we can stay healthy. 

Big Questions and Concepts:

Why is it important to exercise and eat healthy?

  • Choices
  • Wellbeing
  • Achievement
  • Conflict