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Spring 2

My World and Me

How do our surroundings affect our lives? 


In this term we compare our lives with others in the world.

In this term we will compare our locality with that of other places in the world specifically looking at rivers. We will be naming and locating rivers in the UK and comparing the River Tyne with the River Nile. We will also be looking at the effect of flooding and dams and the effects of erosion.

In science we will be focusing on sound. Children will study the ear in detail, learning how sound reaches the ear and how the different parts of the ear allow us to hear sounds. We will explore how sound is produced and investigate the different ways objects vibrate to produce sounds, including musical instruments, radios, mobile phones and animals.

Our link school is Mercy School in Kenya. We will compare our lives with theirs through letter writing. 

Big Questions and Concepts:

How do our surroundings affect our lives?

  • Comparison
  • Necessity
  • Beauty 
  • Tradition