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Autumn 2

Regent Farm Respects

Why is light important in religion?

Our diverse and changing community is explored as our pupils build upon their experiences of beliefs, celebrations and festivals.

The children learn to embrace differences and together we celebrate the uniqueness of each child. During this topic the children learn how Hindus and Christians celebrate different festivals using special objects and artefacts.

The children are immersed in the story of Rama and Sita and they begin to make links to the Hindu beliefs and practises. Children can reflect on their first-hand experiences of a visit to a Hindu Temple and they are able to make links and comparisons to their own thoughts and beliefs. 

This topic provides lots of opportunities to work creatively and become wonderful story writers.

Big Questions and Concepts:

Why is light important in religion?

  • Belief
  • Celebration
  • Creativity
  • Comparison