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Ofsted Findings

What did Ofsted say about our lovely school?


'The school is a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment in which pupils are happy and thrive.'


'The steps you have taken to improve the quality of provision in the Nursery and Reception classes have ensured that children get off to an excellent start.'


'Since your previous inspection you have consistently sustained standards above those seen nationally.'


'Your teachers have high expectations and regularly challenge pupils to think deeply.'


'You and your governors ensure that the safeguarding of pupils is the highest of priorities.'


'Pupils make strong progress in Years 3 and 4, with the vast majority of pupils working at or above the expected standard for their age.'


'The governors are very active in the school and provide you with excellent support and challenge.'



We are obviously delighted with the result. We know what a fabulous school we have and it is gratifying to find out that our inspector agreed with us! We are very proud!