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Five ways you can help stop the spread of the Coronavirus

Five ways you can help stop the spread of the Coronavirus


➢ Wear a mask. We actively encourage as many adults as are able, to wear a mask in and around the school site. Please do not approach a teacher or member of school or the school office staff if you are not wearing a mask.


➢ Do not arrive, gather in or leave the school site in mixed households. Legislation and guidance asks that households do not mix. The only exception to this is where childcare arrangements have been made.


➢ Maintain social distancing. Parents should not meet up to talk on the yard and everyone should keep to 1 metre + and ideally 2 metres distance. We understand this can be difficult at times on the yard and ask everyone to consider where they are standing.


➢ Keep tightly to pick up and drop off times and please, leave the site straight after dropping off your child and do not wait for another parent. If the area adjacent to the crossing is busy please feel free to wait on the grassed area within the school grounds until it clears.


➢ Keep your children with you on the school grounds and when entering or leaving school. Do not let them run ahead.


And number 6! Please pass these messages on to anyone else picking up your children and to as many of our community as you are able.