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February Newsletter

This half term has been very difficult for everyone in our school community and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your monumental efforts over recent weeks. Whether you have been continuing to go to work; working from home; completing home learning or keeping your household running, it has been a challenge for us all.


I also want to thank the staff for all their work this half term to support the education of those at home and at school. The teachers have been working very long hours to provide the best possible learning in very difficult circumstances. I also want to thank everyone else at school. The whole team has worked tirelessly to ensure children are happy and safe: from the teaching assistants, lunchtime staff, office staff, caretaker and cleaners, I am exceptionally grateful to them all.


I also want to acknowledge our wonderful children. They have continued to amaze us all with their work. For those at home, we have loved seeing the tasks on Seesaw and sharing in your learning experiences. Every time I walk around school, or look at the work completed at home, my spirits are lifted. You are all wonderful and I am very proud of each and everyone of you.


We have no further information regarding the reopening of school to all pupils at this time, but I will write to you when I know more. Rates are continuing to drop in Newcastle and we are keeping positive for the 8th March. Home learning will continue on Seesaw beginning again on Monday 22nd February. There will be no work set for half term – it is important children (and staff) have a chance to recharge their batteries.


I wish you a lovely half term and I hope you find ways to enjoy your time together as a family.