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Meet the Governors

Who are our governors and what is their role in school?

The Governing Body


Regent Farm First School is a Foundation Trust School and a member of Gosforth Schools’ Trust.


The Governing Body is responsible for all strategic decisions about the school, including budget and staffing. We have thirteen governors in the following categories:


 Co-opted

 Foundation Trust

 Local Authority

 Parents

 Staff


These are our main committees:


 Finance and Staffing

 Curriculum, Community and School Improvement

 Premises.


Every governor is a member of at least one committee and there is a meeting for each committee a minimum of once per term.


The Governing Body is the employer of the staff and is responsible for setting admissions arrangements. Gosforth Schools’ Trust holds the land and the capital assets on trust for the Governing Body with governors having day to day control of the school’s land and assets.


The work of the Governing Body includes:


 Planning the strategic direction of the school (governors contribute directly to the school development plan)

 Assessing the effectiveness of the school against the key priorities

 Acting as a critical friend to the school, including holding the Headteacher to account

 Being accountable to parents, the external Achievement Partner, the Local Authority and Ofsted about the school’s effectiveness

 Ensuring that all statutory duties are carried out Although their positions are voluntary, all governors:

 Work with the staff team, particularly the senior management team and subject leaders

 Follow a timetable of meetings and visits to the school. Monitoring visits are organised each term but governors are encouraged to visit the school at a mutually convenient time

 Meet as a full Governing Body four times per year.

 Have clear areas of responsibility, based on their skills and experience

 Look for opportunities to develop their skills and attend appropriate training.

Governor Profiles


Chair of Governors


Gillian Sanders, Foundation Trust Governor


For many years my career was in education and children's services. I have been a governor at Regent Farm First School since 1995 and it has been a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. I became chair of governors in 2016 after retirement when I felt able dedicate more time to the role. I am particularly interested in the areas of finance, staffing and safeguarding. I attended the school as did my two children. I feel passionate that the skills and creativity of every child in school are developed to provide a platform for a lifelong learning journey. We want all children to flourish, both academically and socially, in a safe and secure environment.


Vice-Chair of Governors


Tim McHanwell, Foundation Trust Governor


As a parent of two pupils at Regent Farm I value the opportunity to play a role in shaping the future of the school in my capacity as vice-chair of governors. Being a governor whilst having children within the school allows me to influence the experience of all children and I always found all of the staff to be receptive to feedback whether this is positive or highlighting areas for improvement. My experiences as a governor have confirmed to me the dedication and commitment our staff to have all children within our community and I enjoy being a part of that in any way I can.


Co-opted Governors


Clare Elliott


I was a pupil at Regent Farm First School 20+ years ago and have always had fond memories of my time here. I am now National Development Manager at Co-op and enjoy working with young people. When a position became available for a Co-opted Governor I jumped at the chance to join the Governing Body. I find the role very rewarding and I love spending time in school seeing how happy the pupils are and how well they are progressing. It’s wonderful to be part of this fantastic school and seeing the children growing and realising their potential is truly special to me.


Chris Francis


I have been lucky enough to be a co-opted governor at Regent Farm since September 2016 having worked with staff and children in the school through an outside education support provider in Newcastle. I have worked in the education industry with children of all ages since 2008 for a national tuition provider, Explore Learning, collaborating closely with teachers and families to enhance children’s attainment and progress in maths and English from every background. I love spending time with the children, staff and other governors to make sure Regent Farm maintains its strong reputation in Newcastle and continues to put the children at the forefront of everything we do.


Jen Teulon


I have a lifelong commitment to education, and really enjoy pursuing this with Regent Farm First School. My background is that I’m a qualified teacher and have worked with most age groups from nursery to Higher Education, and adults in workplace training. Much of my career was spent in management roles in the skills world, working closely with Government policy and with networks of stakeholders across the UK. However, I’ve lived in the North East for over 40 years and raised my own family here.


I now work on a voluntary basis with a wide range of organisations. This includes COCO for whom I facilitate partnerships between schools in the UK and East Africa. Here at Regent Farm we continue to develop a fantastic friendship with Mercy Primary in Kenya and this means that I am often in school meeting with staff and children. Combining this with my role as a governor gives me a strong basis for supporting the learning and development of all the children at Regent Farm.


Parent Governors


Becky Brough


This is my first year as a parent governor at Regent Farm First School. I am a chartered accountant and have worked with businesses in and around Newcastle for 15 years, I hope I will be able to use my skills and experience to make a positive contribution to the running of the school. This year my eldest daughter started in reception so this felt like a great opportunity to be involved with her school and to give something back to the local community. I am looking forward to being part of the board and all that entails.


Eleanor Cockbain


I have been a parent governor since I was elected in Autumn 2016 and I have one daughter at our school. I became a governor because I wanted to be able to contribute to the wider school community and I am delighted that I have been able to bring skills and experience to the governing body from my professional life. I work for a local Council dealing with planning applications and with various aspects of the development process, so whilst I am involved in the various functions of the governing body, my main passion and where I can contribute most is to the Premises Committee. The Premises Committee have a responsibility to make sure that the school buildings and grounds are maintained and that any health and safety concerns are addressed, so that the children and staff can all enjoy and flourish in a good quality environment and I’m grateful to be able to play a part in this important aspect of school life.


Amelia Davies


I have been a parent governor at Regent Farm First School since 2016 as I have had three boys who have attended the school. I currently have two sons in year 1 and year 3. I have been impressed with how all my sons have been welcomed and nurtured at the school. My professional background is working as an Occupational Therapist and I am currently working in the Lymphoedema service at St Oswald’s hospice. I am very keen to do all I can to help the school support all the children who make up Regent Farm First School, to the best of its ability, through my school link areas.


Amy Peasland


Since my children have attended RFFS, it has become part of our family life and I am keen to contribute to its success. I live locally and wish to use my experience and enthusiasm to help support our community school in providing the best possible education for children in our area, and to promote a sense of pride in RFFS and its achievements. I am a Facility Manager at Newcastle University, with a background as a PhD-educated cancer research scientist. I have a passion for STEM subjects and bring skills in planning and organising, negotiating, active listening and critical thinking.


Staff Governors


Helen Moore


I am delighted to join the Regent Farm First School community, it is an honour and privilege to be the school’s Head Teacher. I began my teaching career 15 years ago and thoroughly enjoy my job. I am totally driven to ensure that each and every child in my care has a wonderful experience at school and makes life long memories. I want Regent Farm to be a place children can thrive, take risks and learn lifelong skills to prepare them for a future in our ever-changing world. Being a school governor allows me to work with a dynamic group of people who are all striving to give our pupils the very best education we can.


Glenda Middlemas


I have taught at Regent Farm since 1993 and I have been teaching for 31 years. My early teaching career was spent in London. I have taught all year groups from reception up to year 4 and for the past four years I have worked as Acting Deputy Headteacher and Assistant Head. I am also the Deputy Safeguarding Designated Lead. I am a co-opted staff governor and I am a member of various committees such as Finance and Staffing. One of my roles in school has been to develop our partnership with Mercy Primary School in Kenya. All of our children have access to a culturally rich curriculum and I feel privileged to work with the children, parents, staff and governors who belong to the family of Regent Farm.


Rachael Horn


I have been a teacher governor at Regent Farm First School since 2018. I studied at Northumbria University and I have worked at Regent Farm First School for 11 years to date. I began my teaching career in Early Years and I have since worked in Years 1, 2 and 3. I have had the experience of being KS1 Leader for several years and I am now embarking on a new journey as KS2 Leader. I am passionate about teaching and want all children to love their school experience.


I thoroughly love working at this school and it gives me great pleasure seeing the children progress and reach their full potential. I became a governor because I want to support the school and continuously work towards making this school a safe environment which encourages children to be enthusiastic learners.


Daniella Lucchesi


I have worked as a TA at Regent Farm First School since 2011 in both a 1-1 capacity and class based. I started my professional career in 2007 working in a primary school working in Yr’s 1,2,5 and 6, supporting SEN children and SATs groups. Since working at Regent Farm First School I have gained experience working in Yr’s 3 and 4. I moved into yr 1 for a while, but am currently working in yr2. When working in yr4 I was asked to go to Hawkhirst on a 1-1 basis, I loved it and was lucky enough to go for another 5 consecutive years.


I feel so blessed to work in a school, seeing the progress a child makes, especially when they find something really challenging and they finally achieve it, the smile on their face is priceless! I work in breakfast club as well as after school club too. I feel it makes a real difference having staff from the school working within these clubs as they know the children and staff very well. I have recently become a co-opted governor in school and I am supporting Mrs Middlemas in my role as link governor for PSHE/E-Safety.