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It is the intention at Regent Farm First School that our curriculum extends knowledge, gives children opportunity and raises their aspirations for the future. We hope to inspire pupils and open children’s eyes to the world beyond their immediate environment: to equip them with the skills they need to live happy, healthy and successful lives.  Our curriculum not only teaches children the knowledge they need but it is intrinsically linked to essential skills for our pupils to succeed and thrive in life. It is our belief you cannot ‘teach’ these desirable skills in one off lessons, they have to be fostered in children and our aim is that the curriculum at Regent Farm creates conditions for these skills to develop within every child. 

Through our core values we teach children to be respectful, curious learners who work well with others and have the determination and resilience to overcome challenge while learning from their mistakes.   At Regent Farm we are also keen to celebrate the diversity of life; we embrace difference and promote respect for all. Throughout our curriculum, reading and language is given a high priority; we passionately believe in the importance of reading, both as a skill in its own right and as a means for accessing the entire school curriculum – now and in the next phase of education.

Furthermore, to help raise aspirations, staff are finding purposeful outcomes and critical audiences to help bring the learning to life for the children. We do not believe one off career days/weeks will help our young people; instead we need to change their thinking overtime by constantly drip-feeding new professionals and occupations throughout their journey at Regent Farm.

Our families are key partners in this, developing children’s knowledge, values and skills and we work closely with them to ensure the very best education for each and every child.