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Family Support Adviser




My name is Kate Jacobs, I am the Family Support Advisor at Regent Farm First School. My job is to offer support to all children in school to ensure they are happy and confident in their setting to enable them to thrive. I also work with families to support a range of issues such as behaviour in the home, support routines to help get to school on time, explore wellbeing and causes for worry. I have a lot of exciting ideas to help children and their families feel listened to and included as a valuable part of the school.


Areas I can offer support in include;

  • Enrolment on parenting programmes
  • Emotional wellbeing for children and adults
  • Punctuality and attendance
  • Family Learning
  • Parent drop in sessions
  • Barriers to learning and attendance; confidence, anxiety, friendship worries etc
  • Behaviour Support e.g. bedtimes, routines, diet...
  • Transition to Middle School
  • Information and guidance about other support services
  • Referrals to School Health and Children and Young People Service
  • Admissions information
  • Mindfulness and relaxation support


Since beginning my role in April 2020, I have started to introduce some special elements to the school to teach children mindfulness and moments of calm which can help with managing emotions and behaviours. We now have two mini-lop bunnies; Rhubarb and Crumble. Both have become a permanent part of our school life and children get very excited to see them. The mindful techniques used have been shared on our website and can be practiced at home too and through lock down proved very helpful to a lot of families. The bunnies have also helped children identify and work through worries as their huge ears are excellent at listening and I am there to help if needed.  I have introduced lunch time groups to help with friendships and build confidence and started an eco-club after school on Mondays.


Please feel free to approach me should you have any questions or suggestions, or contact me via text, call or WhatsApp on 07915914473 or email me at


I look forward to meeting you!


Kate Jacobs