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Family Support Adviser




My name is Kate Jacobs, I am the Family Support Advisor at Regent Farm First School. My job is to offer support to families and children within the school. My role is quite a new one in the school and I have a lot of exciting ideas to help bring you and your family a valuable part of the school. I am hoping to organise drop in sessions for parents, this could be for you to offer your ideas on how we can work together moving forward, whether this be with supporting children in learning, help with behaviour in the home or even support routines to help get to school on time.


Areas I can offer support in include:


•Enrolment on parenting programmes

•Emotional well-being for children and adults

•Punctuality and attendance

•Family Learning

•Parent drop in sessions

•Behaviour Support e.g. bedtimes, routines, diet...

•Transition to Middle School

•Information and guidance about other support services

•Referrals to School Health and Children and Young People Service

•Admissions information


I hope to introduce some special elements to the school to teach children mindfulness and moments of calm which can help with managing emotions and behaviours. These are things that can be practiced at home too and hopefully in the coming months we can support families to use these tools together.


In the coming months we hope to offer a range of family workshops including Cooking and Crafting together, Growth and development workshops and Getting Together sessions. Together I hope that we can make school a place you not only send your children to, but a place you can come and enjoy together also.


Feel free to get in touch, my mobile is 07915 914473 or I am available in school every day on 0191 2852294, just ask for Kate.


I look forward to meeting you!




Kate Jacobs